Gov't-monitored journalist demands info

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Investigative journalist Brenno de Winter, who last month was suspected of planning to infiltrate government computer systems, is seeing himself as pressured to take matters to court. He cancelled a meeting with the National Police on Monday as he was not allowed to bring his lawyer, ThePostOnline reports. 

Head of Media and Publicity at the National Police, Yvette Moll, allowed the meeting on the condition he leave his lawyer behind.

This is the second chapter of an issue in which the National Police is playing a dubious role. At the beginning of March, it became known that the government was keeping tabs on De Winter. The Ministry of Internal Affairs warned all security departments and all ministries against De Winter.

The National Police also spread an email warning about the journalist. De Winter's private details such as home address even circulated the ministries and the police. The national terrorism fighting unit (NCTV) was also informed of the journalist.

Minister Ivo Opstelten (VVD) of Security and Justice will address the issue at a later date, and the Cabinet has taken distance from the way the National Police has handled the situation.

De Winter told ThePostOnline:

"There are more examples of active counteraction by the police over the last few years. I don't think the National Police understands this. That they don't know what is at stake, and how far they have gone to make my work impossible. This is more than indecent."

De Winter's lawyer will file a petition next week to question witnesses. The heads of the National Police and the Team High Tech Crime will be among the witnesses.