Man wins €3M on Holland Casino slot machine

It has been described as a prize of a lifetime: a man won almost €3 million Saturday night on a slot machine in a Holland Casino in Enschede.

The 30-year-old who preferred anonymity had reportedly casually thrown €7,50 into the Mega Millions Jackpot slot machine around 9.00pm when the confetti canon exploded and bells and whistles went off. He had claimed jackpot that in a year had topped a record of €2,960,221.

The man, enjoying a night out with a friend, appeared almost shellshocked when it happened. "Personnel and casino visitors rushed to him to congratulate him, but he was calm, like it still had to sink in," said Holland Casino Enschede manager Johan de Kruijf. When the man called relatives to tell them of his win they didn't believe him at first; they probably will not doubt it anymore when the money is deposited on his bank account today, tax free.

De Kruijf said he was proud the jackpot fell in Enschede. "What's nice about this jackpot is that the slot machines are located in all our locations, and all are linked. The longer it does not fall, the higher the amount becomes that one could win," he said, explaining that the confetti canons went off at all Holland Casinos locations all over the Netherlands when the unnamed winner won.

The casino manager said the winner was not sure yet what he would do with his new wealth. "He said he will probably buy a new house and a new car. And he would like to once take part in the World Series of Poker. Sounded like a nice challenge," said De Kruijf.