Another PVV official steps down over Wilders rants

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Daniël ter Haar, provincial council member for the PVV in Gelderland, also decided to resign from his post, namely over Wilders' notorious Moroccan remarks. Ter Haar, who has been a provincial council member in Gelderland since 2011, does not agree with the course the party has taken.

He gave up his seat and will not stay on as a group of one. Political leader Marjolein Faber both respects and regrets Ter Haar's decision. The Gelderland PVV continues to defend Wilders. "His statements should be placed in the context of the three-stage rocket that Wilders introduced after his statement. Less immigration, more voluntary return migration, and seizing the Dutch nationality from criminals with dual nationality," said Faber. Earlier today Utrecht provincial council member for the PVV, Henk Scherer, also stepped down. He too, will not continue as a group of one.