Wilders "shot dead" in video clip

A video clip by rapper Hozny from Sneek surfaced on YouTube, where an actor, posing as PVV party leader, Geert Wilders, is 'kidnapped and executed.'

A white male with blond hair, supposedly Geert Wilders, is seen sitting on the ground, tied up, while two masked men hold a gun to his head. The clip ends with the image fading away and a shot fired. The video resembles the al-Qaeda execution videos.

Prime Minister Rutte condemns the video and calls it disgusting and lacking any taste. "Politicians should be able to voice their opinion in all freedom. It is bad enough Wilders has to live with so many threats hanging over his head," said Rutte.

Hozny denies creating the suggestion of Wilders being shot. "It could be I shot myself," the rapper said. The rapper claims it's not his intention to shock or threaten anyone. He just wanted to give Wilders a taste of his own medicine, who needs to stop insulting Muslims and "realize he needs to stop what he's doing."