Two arrested at gas site, Groningen

Police have arrested two people in Groningen on Sunday at the gas site in Wildervank for destruction to property earlier in the day at another gas location in Oude Pekela. 

Protest actions took place at both locations on Sunday, according to the police. The protesters were making holes in the gates to be able to open the doors of the gas location, police say.

The two arrested men are members of the activist group Schokkend Groningen (Shocking Groningen), who have been protesting against gas extraction in Groningen for the last few months. Leader of the group, John Lanting, was personally not present at the protests.

Lanting announced that the demonstrations will continue. "We are not letting ourselves get intimidated by the police", Lanting said.

Schokkend Groningen is an activist group that argues against the gas extraction in the area, as it is worried about the safety of residents due to the frequent earthquakes caused by the gas drilling activities.