DJ John van Loon cured of tinnitus

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DJ John van Loon (42) was cured of tinnitus by an intensive Belgian treatment method. Van Loon, a well-known DJ and producer from Utrecht, underwent an intensive therapy with 'noise generators.' Van Loon suddenly experienced a loud, sharp noise in his left ear in March 2008, that never went away.

It lasted for years and the pain slowly became worse, to the point he could not bear any sounds. The DJ, who had played loud music without any protection for years, became unable to work or to even leave his home. Belgian audiologist, Katleen de Waele, introduced Van Loon to a special therapy, with special 'noise generators'. Van Loon wore them for 2.5 years before he could finally do without, early 2013. The DJ is thrilled to have his life back and organized a symposium on tinnitus on March 26 in MuzyO in Amsterdam. The symposium will coincide with the release of his new album, Blue Moon.