Rutte: No new Cold War with Russia

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Prime-Minister Mark Rutte does not believe the crisis in Ukraine will lead to another 'Cold War.' Not if Russia is rational. In a response to the concerns the former Sovjet leader, Michail Gorbatsjov, expressed about the conflict on Crimea, Rutte said: 'it seems inconceivable to me it will come to that, because it's not in Russia's best interest.'

Rutte explains his view by stating: 'Russia's economy is unstable; the country is highly dependent on oil and gas export and invested little in the own economy over the past 20 years. Furthermore, they have a lot of capital in foreign countries. I estimate the Russians to be rational.' The Russian minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergej Lavrov, stated Friday the country had the right to protect its citizens on Crimea and elsewhere in the Ukraine. The Russians have a large military base in the south of Crimea. The former president of the Ukraine, Janoekovitsj, does not accept the change in government and is now in Russia under personal protection. Janoekovitsj will give a press conference in Rostov, Saturday, 14:00 NL time. A referendum will be held Sunday among the people about the annexation of Crimea.