Chromecast headed to NL, Europe

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The Google Chromecast, an hdmi-dongle to send audio or video from a smart Phone or tablet to a TV, may be available on the Dutch market soon. Google's Senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai, announced during SXSW in Austin, TX, Chromecast will soon be available in more countries than just the U.S. The Android and iOS app for Chromecast has been available for a while, but only in English.

After the most recent update however, the app is now also available in 50 languages, among them Dutch. Contrary to Apple TV, the signal doesn't go from the device straight to the TV, but to a Google server, initiating the playback. This way the device can continue to be used for other activities, such as surfing the internet or email. Although Chromecast services are still limited, they are expected to grow, since Google opened up possibilities for developers to have their software communicate with the dongle.