Summit could delay Hague funerals

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The nuclear summit, scheduled for March 24 and 25, may interfere with some Hague funerals. The strict security measures around the summit will make it hard to reach certain parts of The Hague, including 2 cemeteries.Funeral homes Henning and Memento Mori will review case by case whether to advise the families to postpone the funerals.

An Indonesian monument, that is a popular spot to drop off flowers from funerals of deceased of Indonesian descent, will be completely off-limits. In some cases it may be unduly hard for families to reach the funeral homes. The law dictates that a body should be buried or cremated within 6 business days, which gives ample time to reschedule, according to a spokesperson for the funeral homes. Monuta, another funeral home, does not anticipate any major problems for their business, other than carefully planning the routes and some additional preparations, according to their spokesperson.


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