Escaped TBS patient dead

Police Van
A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia). (A Dutch police van (photo: Dickelbers / Wikimedia))

Police in Alkmaar shot a TBS patient in the leg on Sunday afternoon after he escaped. The man subsequently stabbed himself to death. 

The TBS (psychiatric criminal hospital) patient never returned from his leave on Saturday. The police instigated a search for him, and discovered him in an alleyway in a residential area on the Nieuwlandersingel on Sunday.

There resulted a confrontation with the police. The man was swinging a knife around, which caused officers to shoot him in the leg. The man later stabbed himself in the neck with the knife. It is expected that he died on the spot, due to his wounds.

The identity or the crime(s) of the TBS patient are not being released. The man was in a TBS clinic in a different part of the country. According to the Public Prosecution Authority, the man was 35-years old. The Bureau of Investigation is going to try to figure out what exactly happened.

AS Media tweeted this photo of the incident: