Businessman caught hiring hitmen

A 44-year old businessman from Amsterdam has been arrested for trying to organize a double assassination, according to the Financieel Dagblad (FD). 

Allard B. hired two hitmen, it was revealed in three intercepted phone calls. The hitmen were given the job to take out a Kenyan married couple, with which the businessman was in conflict.

The contents of the intercepted phone conversations, which were secretly recorded by a business partner, are in possession of the FD. According to het Parool, the tapes reveal how the businessman haggled over the price of the dirty job he wanted the hitmen to do. He came out on the price of €30,000.

According to B.'s lawyer, Peter Plasman, his client did indeed get arrested on 18 December. B. is still in prison, and must show in front of the court during a pro forma session hearing on the 26th of March.