Twente Airport could open in 2016

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The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (I&M) has plans to allow commercial flights on Twente Airport, starting 2016. Business travels, training flights, and recreational traffic should be able to start next year.

I&M wants to allow 22,000 aircrafts to land or take off on a yearly basis. 6,500 of those air movements are intended for commercial flights, which equals 9 aircrafts a day, with ultimately a total of some 930,000 passengers per year. The decision-making procedure can be adjusted if the airport needs to expand even further in the future, according to the Ministry. In the period ahead stakeholders can comment on the proposal, after which it still needs to be approved by parliament. If approved, the airport will be open for air travel between 06:00 and 23:00. Delayed flights will be allowed in until midnight by exception only. The European Committee is reviewing whether the necessary €16 million investment from the Overijssel province, the City of Enschede and the government conform to European regulations.


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