Grindr on campaign trail for D66

D66 is turning to the popular dating service Grindr, to curry LGBT-voter favor for the municipal council elections on 19 March. 

Grindr is a popular app for LGBTs (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite), which 'pink candidates' Pieter Rietman and Jan-Bert Vroege are taking advantage of to increase voter turnout, writes.

The D66 candidates use the dating app to send users messages like: "Do I have a date with you on the 19th of March?"

Pieter Rietman, frontrunner in Amsterdam, said "next Sunday evening, the D66 is having a meeting about being LGBT in Amsterdam West. Via Grindr, we've already invited dozens of people. We also use the somewhat more conventional communication methods, of course."

Jan-Bert Vroege, candidate for municipal council, said "D66 wants mandatory information about sexual diversity in all primary- and high schools. Every school also has to actively take a stand against discrimination and bullying of LGBT-teachers and pupils."