Dutch advise against Ukraine travel

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The Netherlands has issued a warning against traveling to violence prone areas in Ukraine, in the wake of the country’s stand-off with Russia.

Government advised against traveling to Crimea and to the east of the cities Sumy in the north and Mykolayiv in the south. Ukraine is teetering on the brink of war since Russia upped its military presence around the volatile Crimea region, in the wake of the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine's new government has called Russia’s military moves a threat on its sovereignty. “The situation is unprediucatble due to the presence of armed soldiers throughout the area,” Dutch Government reported. “The airports of Simferopol and Sevastopol are not operating properly. Train and buses routes are operational, but expect blockades on the access roads,” Government said, advising Dutch people who reside in Crimea to leave the area. It predicted disturbances and demonstrations in the big cities between Sumy and Mykolayiv, and advised against traveling there. Government also said that as the situation in other parts of Ukraine remains tense with demonstrations in the center of Kiev and other cities, Dutch citizens are advised to avoid the areas around Maidan (Independence and European Squares), around the VerhovnaRada, Instituska, Shovkovyychna, Hrushevskoho streets and Mariinski Park. Dutch citizens are advised to maintain caution in the other areas in Ukraine, avoid large groups, gatherings and locations where disturbances often occur. “There is a worldwide risk of terrorist attacks on large gatherings,” Government said. It also warned of streetcrimes and petty thefts, during which criminals aim at money and othen use drugs to incapacitate their victims. “Also follow the local media like kyivpost.com daily about places where there might be demonstrations,” Government said, also urging people to register on its site so the Dutch embassy can reach them in case of emergencies.