Football unions want cameras removed from tunnels

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The incident with Graziano Pellé, where he destroyed an advertising billboard and kicked over a lamp in the stadium tunnels, immediately after a game with FC Twente, was caught on cam and aired by Fox Sports. The footage refueled the discussion about whether camera's should be allowed in the stadium tunnels.

"Exiting television should come from what happens on the field," said Danny Hesp, VVCS players union chairman.

He went on to say "occasionally tempers would flair, and things were dealt with in a normal way, but now, with all the camera's around, things always escalate into endless discussions."

Hesp advocates for a little more distance of the camera's, granting the players a bit more privacy. "The camera that filmed Pellé's behavior was not in the tunnels," argued Frank Rutten, director of the Champion's League CV. "The same was the case last year with Erik Pieters. The images were not from the dressing rooms."

Rutten argues that the clubs discuss with Fox where camera's are placed. Not all clubs allow camera's in the tunnels or dressing rooms.

Pellé will not apologize for his behavior. He couldn't show his frustration on the field, so he let off steam off the field. The player was frustrated with the referee, who, in his opinion should've disqualified the second goal from FC Twente. But "the referee is a human being too, just like we are, and we all make mistakes."

Erik Pieters was suspended for three games for his violent outbreak. A similar punishment would be hard on Pellé with a game against Ajax on their doorstep.