Triptych to leave its Leiden home

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'The Last Judgement', a triptych from the 16th century, can from next year be seen for the first time in history outside of Leiden.  The triptych is leaving the Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, because the museum in Leiden is going to be renovated and expanded.

The monumental triptych was painted in 1526/27 by Lucas van Leyden, who was active in the city of Leiden. He is seen as an important source of inspiration for Rembrandt, who was born in Leiden. Which is why the triptych is called 'The Night Watch of the 16th century. The departure of the painting is part of the cooperation which will start today. The museums will research 16th-century art from Leiden. More exchanges will take place in the coming years, and the museums will work together on exhibitions. The cooperation is set for the next five years. After this period, if both museums are satisfied, the silent contract will be extended.