Police hunt 'extremely dangerous' duo

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A pair of fugitive criminals took a family hostage Monday night, after a shooting at a camping in Enschede.  The 25-year old man and the 19-year old woman, given the moniker Bonnie and Clyde by several papers, took the father of the family in his car, and fled with it to the German Auhaus, the police report. There, they released the father, who immediately sounded the alarm. Not long before kidnapping the man, the pair shot someone on a camping site at the Oude Buursedijk. The victim caught them in the middle of trying to break into a caravan. At around 8 p.m., the pair took a family hostage on the Arendsweg. The father was taken away and was released around 40 minutes later. The police are calling the pair "extremely dangerous."

"Police on both sides of the border have started an extensive investigation into the duo. Emphasis is placed on the extremely dangerous felons. There is strong advise against taking action towards them. It is also being advised not to let strangers into your home who are looking for lodging." The police say. The fugitive duo is already suspected of other serious crimes. On the 10th of February, there was a break-in at the home of a 52-year old woman from Meppel. The police said that she was abused, bound and gagged, and threatened by her, and was then taken into her car against her will. In the end, the victim was left in a forest in the region of Lelystad on the morning of the 11th of February. A week later, there was a break-in at a home in Lage Mierde. Violence was used here as well. "The resident was gagged by the suspects. Next to that, three witnesses were also taken into the home under threat of a firearm and gagged. The victims were forced to hand over their valuable items. The resident was abused by the suspect(s). He incurred a lot of injuries. The suspects left in the car of one of the victims", the police said in a statement.