MPs to debate Randstad train chaos

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Prompted by a request from D66 MP, Stientje van Veldhoven, for a debate concerning the chaos on the tracks around The Hague and Rotterdam, State Secretary Wilma Mansveld of Infrastructure will have to answer to parliament soon. Train traffic between The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht was almost completely halted Wednesday evening during rush hour.

Rumors about Pro Rail personnel being on strike were refuted by the rail manager, who announced four tracks needed emergency repairs. 'It raises all kinds of questions about the maintenance conditions of the tracks,' said Van Veldhoven, who saw her request for a debate supported by the VVD. Preceding the debate the State Secretary needs to inform the House on the matter in a letter. FNV railways presses for a large-scale inspection of all Dutch tracks, announced a spokesperson to NOS. Travelers organization Rover thinks the inconvenience to travelers on parts of the tracks in the "Randstad" is unacceptable and fears ProRail is losing its grip on the condition of the infrastructure. Mansveld reacted indifferent to the maintenance on the tracks during rush hour. Although she regretted the inconvenience to travelers, safety has top priority, according to the State Secretary.