VVD wants drones over The Hague hood

VVD Den Haag wants police to deploy drones over the Schilderswijk in The Hague to face youth gangs and loiterers that are plaguing the neighborhood.

The neighborhood has been characterized as a problem area and is more often than not being monitored with helicopters, but these are expensive and have to be requested from Schiphol. VVD The Hague candidate Boudewijn Revis says drones will be faster, cheaper and more effective. “If we can deploy the drones from neighborhood stations, and later even from the trunks of police cars, that will be much faster,” he said. “And on top of that it will be much quieter.  A lot of people in Schilderwijk complain about the noise (from helicopters).” The VVD-er said police should have more eyes in Schilderswijk and hints that drones in this neighborhood can be deployed quickly for crime fighting efforts in any other neighborhood in the city when they are needed. Revis recommends cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, which is already experimenting with the unmanned aircraft.