Mobile unit finds objects in forest near home Borst

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The mobile unit found several objects in the forest near the home of Els Borst in Bilthoven yesterday, which could provide further details in the ongoing investigation of her death, a spokesperson for the Police said. 

The objects that were found have not been identified to the public. The spokesperson did say that "you have to think about papers, cigarette butts, plastic, that sort of thing", the NOS reports. The residence of ex-D66 minister has been searched multiple times.

In a search involving about fifty persons, lasting from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the police were intent on thoroughly combing the forest grounds by Borst's house on the Ruysdaellaan.

"It's not that we have information that there is something to find in that forest", but they want to make sure not to miss anything, the spokesperson explained.

According to the police spokesperson, the forest was still open to visitors during the search.

The 81-year old borst was found dead last week Monday. The police later judged her death to be the result of a crime. It is still unclear when exactly Borst's life was taken from her. A memorial for Borst was held on Saturday in the Domkerk in Utrecht.