Asscher helps out Aldel staff

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Social Affairs Minister Lodewijk Asscher will contribute 1 million euros to help former Aldel staff and subcontractors find new jobs, according to a letter he wrote to Parliament Friday. The City of Delfzijl and the province will also contribute to a total of 2.5 million euros.

Their plan of action, "Investing in the Future," aims to help the 600 former Aldel employees and subcontractors back on their feet as soon as possible. The City and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) will help the former employees with speed dating, finding training opportunities, or landing a new job, whether in the region or in Germany. In earlier similar bankruptcy cases a similar approach proved successful, according to Asscher. Unemployment in North East Groningen has risen to 13 percent after the bankruptcy of Aldel in December last year. Along with other problems in the region, such as the earthquakes that plague the area, the resilience of the local people is stretched thin. 'The resilience of the regional labor market is among the smallest in the Netherlands, given the small number of jobs per head and limited collaboration between the sectors,' said Asscher, who goes on the say that 'due to the crisis the region suffers from a multiannual negative growth.'