Greens down; D66, 50Plus, SGP up

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In 2013 only three political parties registered an increase in their numbers, all other parties saw their numbers drop, with GroenLinks suffering the biggest loss, according to numbers of the Documentation Center for Dutch Political Parties (DNPP). In contrast to GroenLinks seeing its numbers drop with 6.3 percent last year, 50Plus registered a significant increase with 4,600 new members, followed by D66 and SGP.

Last year GroenLinks also suffered the biggest loss, while 50Plus gained the most. Except for PVV, who is not on the list, because they don't have a membership option, all other parties suffered losses. GroenLinks is followed by PvdA, VVD, CDA, SP, PvdD, and ChristenUnie, in that order. The total drop in members for 2013 adds up to 6,100, for 1.9 percent. The drop is consistent with the statistical tendencies. The number of memberships tend to increase in years of parliamentary elections, only to collapse again in the years in-between, according to the Documentation Center.