"Eetmaatje" prevents waste

In a joint effort to stop the waste of food, The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation and supermarket chain Albert Heijn (AH) are distributing 1 million measuring cups to help calculate the right portion, starting today. The measuring cup, subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has indications for the suggested portion of rice or pasta per person and even differentiates between pastas.

State Secretary Sharon Dijksma received a sample of the so-called "Eetmaatje" measuring cup this morning. An Eetmaatje will be handed out with each package of AH pasta, rice, or couscous this week. 14 percent of all groceries end up in the trash unused every year, according to statistics, totaling up to 2.5 billion euros per year, about 110 lbs. per head. Twitter responses so far have been mixed, with some people expressing appreciation for the "gadget," and others worrying it will only contribute to the mountain of waste. One Tweet wondered how come the Eetmaatje is only available with AH products when it's been subsidized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.