Government officials lose special status

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A majority of Parliament supported proposed legislation of CDA and D66, Thursday, to drop the special status of government officials, safe for some exceptions. The legal status of government officials would be the same of regular employees.

The proposed legislation received support from VVD, PvdA, CDA, and D66, which means officials would sign a regular labor contract and no longer be protected against layoffs, among other things.

Home Affairs MInister Ronald Plasterk Home Affairs MInister Ronald Plasterk

Police, the defense department, the justice department, high councils of state, and directors of independent administrative bodies would exempt from the proposed legislation. Some of the parties also want to exclude court clerks, criminal investigators, and the prison system.

The unions are fiercely opposed and claim the Minister of Home Affairs is bound by law to discuss the proposed legislation with them first. The political parties opposing the new legislation side with the unions and urge the Minister to consult with the unions.

CDA, D66, and Minister Plasterk feel that would be constitutionally wrong. ' We should not make legislation dependent on consultation with unions,'  said CDA MP Eddy van Hijum.

The AbvaKabo FNV threatened to turn to the court if Plasterk choses not to obey the law.

Parliament will vote on proposal Tuesday.