Court frees elderly man who killed wife

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An 83-year-old man from Doorn, suspected of killing his 86-year-old wife, has been released on probation, as ordered by the court. The suspect has been on remand since October 19. The prosecution disagrees with the ruling.

The suspect killed his wife by strangling her with his bare hands and with his belt. The man could no longer bear to see his wife suffer after 58 years of marriage, according to his lawyer.

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The woman was diagnosed with Parkinson and exhibited symptoms of dementia, but there was no sign the victim had lost the will to live, according to the Public Prosecution.

The condition of the suspect did not prove to be unfit for imprisonment, according to the prosecution, who has a hard time understanding the ruling of the court. However, the prosecution does not have the option to appeal this decision.

The personal interests of the man weigh heavier than that of society, according to the judge. The man will undergo day therapy four days a week and has to follow instructions from his probation officer. The case is expected to be tried before the summer.


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