Highest point Netherlands marked wrong

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Netherland's highest point is located on the Vaalserberg (Vaals hill) in South Limburg, but at a different location than at the current marker, according to Staatsbosbeheer (National Forestry). Technically the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands is located 877 meter above NAP on the Island of Saba, the Mount Scenery volcano.


Saba is a province of the Netherlands in the Caribbean. The highest point in the European part of the Netherlands, however, is the Vaals hill. The Vaals hill reaches a height of 322.7 meters above NAP (Normaal Amsterdams Peil). An NAP of 0 meters is equal to the average water level of the ocean. Staatsbosbeheer and the Bureau MTD of Landscape Architects discovered the error when they matched the location of the current marker with the newest digital height maps of the Netherlands, discovering the correct location for the marker would be 60 meters more south. MTD and Staatsbosbeheer want to move the marker to the right location, as Staatsbosbeheer announced Tuesday. In addition two markers, indicating the point where the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany touch, known as the "Drielandenpunt," are also 30 meters off and need to be moved. The markers are placed in such a way, that visitors can set their foot on the junction of the three countries. Standing on the "Drielandenpunt" gives visitors a panoramic view of the German, Belgian, and Dutch side of the border.