Ziggo profits soar

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Cable company Ziggo recorded an exponential profit increase of 80 percent, 347 million euros, over 2013.

The cable company noted changes in its consumer database with a rise in all-in-one packages (TV, internet, and phone service) of 8 percent.

Ziggo - Photo: Bloomberg

At the same time the number of subscriptions for paid broadcast went down with 6 percent. The number of analog TV subscriptions dropped with 21 percent, but the combination of analog and digital TV increased with 1.6 percent.

In addition to TV, internet, and regular phone services, Ziggo also extended its service with mobile phone subscription, starting September 2013, using the Vodafone network, which proved to be a successful undertaking. By late December 33,000 customers had switched to Ziggo, even more than the company had anticipated.

Ziggo has been involved in negotiations with Liberty Global, the mother concern of rival UPC, for a while now. There is progress in the negotiations, but no deal yet, according to the cable company.