NuvaRing deadly

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A first report of a fatality due to the use of the NuvaRing, a plastic ring that is inserted vaginally as a means for birth control, has been registered by Lareb, an organization that keeps track of side effects of pharmaceuticals, according to the Argos program.

One of the side effects of the NuvaRing is it can cause blood cloths. An embolism may be fatal.

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Lareb barely received reports about birth control drugs up to 2013. The number of reports between 1987 and 2013 has increased with the increase of the awareness of the side affects of this class of pharmaceuticals, according to CEO Agnes Kant from Lareb.

Statistics indicate 40 women have died so far from side affects after taking Diane35, which has already been on the market for 25 years. 22 women died from Marvelon, and 14 from Yasmin. Earlier reports suggested Diane35 had made 27 victims. The reports are based on the period between 1987 and 2013.

The NuvaRing was developed by Organon in Oss. MSD manufactures the ring. The company is involved in several lawsuits because of the side effects. MSD rejects the criticism however, admitting that women are exposed to an increased risk of thrombosis in the first six months when the body needs to adjust to the device, but that the risk is no greater than with other contraceptives.

Starting 2013 family doctors can more easily report side affects.