Police fine entire village for speeding

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The usually very quiet Brabant village Vierlingsbeek is in turmoil. Police fined almost all residents for speeding. More than 75 percent of the 2,600 villagers recently received one or more speeding tickets in the mail.

The villagers are furious and complain about the fact that possibly the officers just had to meet their ticketing quota, according to Omroep Brabant.

mobile speed camera
Silver Spoon
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The speed limit on the Overloonseweg went down years ago, from 80 to 50 kilometers per hour, but practically no one abided by the new limit. After all the police never checked, until December, when law enforcement officers pulled out the speed camera. Some people even got several speeding tickets and are looking at a total fine of more than 500 euros.

There has never been an accident on the road, so the police were not concerned about the safety on the road, according to the villagers. 'It's extortion to fill the treasury,' is a common complaint in Vierlingsbeek.

Meanwhile, a board member of the village advocates to raise the speed limit again. Challenging the fines would be pointless because legally there's nothing wrong with them.