Dutch government ID system hacked again

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The identities of as many as 150 people were stolen by hackers exploiting a security vulnerability in a government-backed online identification system. Each victim's' identity was stolen through the DigiD programme, where bank account numbers may be changed to reroute money being sent for tax refunds and social benefits, a Ministry of the Interior spokesperson told NOS.

Investigators are still trying to figure out how much money was collected in the scheme. The department also said they are not sure how the perpetrators succeeded.

Officials have not ruled out the possibility that passwords were intercepted from postal routes. All 150 victims are residents of Amsterdam Zuidoost, the broadcaster said.

The scam took place last month, making it the second publicized breach of the DigiD system in six months. Five people were arrested late last year for stealing the identities of 54 students in Groningen.