Thief swipes 11 yr old's iPhone

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"Opsporing Verzocht" featured a case about a man who robbed an 11-year-old girl from her iPhone 5 in the hall of the train station in Zaandam on Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Before he made his hit he was seen on surveillance cameras checking out passers-by.

Three girls were out together that day, when two of them left to buy something. The girl with the iPhone stayed behind, waiting for them. The man inched his way closer to her and finally grabbed the phone and took off running. The girl tried to chase him, but he was much faster and got away.

The surveillance video starts 17 seconds into the video on the right.

It concerns a young, white male, with short spiked hair and glasses. The girl remembered he had some kind of white dots around his nose. He was wearing a training jacket and short pants.

Any tips, leading to the arrest of the thief may be called into 0800-6070.