Glass House locked until Christmas Eve

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The door is locked and will be opened again on Christmas Eve: the 3FM campaign, "Serious Request"  has officially launched. Sportsman of the Year, Epke Zonderland, locked up the three DJs in the Glass House in Leeuwarden around 20:45 pm.Giel Beelen, Coen Swijnenberg and Paul Rabbering will not eat for six days and will engage in a non-stop presentation. Anyone who contributes to the charity of the campaign, combating child mortality by diarrhea, may request a song.

Noud de Greef
Wikimedia commons

It is the tenth time 3FM collects money this way. So far, every year more money is collected than the year before. The yield was 12.3 million last year. The money was intended to combat infant mortality.

Campaigns have started in several places in the country already. Some organizations have already collected tens of thousands of euros. The Wilhelmina Square in Leeuwarden is filled with people, encouraging the DJs.


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