Outlaw Biker Busted for Kidnapping Cab Driver

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A member of the Satudarah was arrested Monday in Appingedam, on suspicion of menace and kidnapping. A few weeks earlier the man forced a taxi driver under threat of a knife, to drive him from the Grote Markt in Groningen to a village in the province, reported the police.The suspect forced the terrified taxi driver to drive around the province for an hour and a half, after which he just got out and disappeared. The police also suspects him of destroying windows of a family member, late October, in Appingedam.


The police considers the arrested man a so-called outlaw biker, someone who does not abide by the law and refuses to accept any rules. Their behavior is often very intimidating and victims often do file police reports out of fear. Many members of biker clubs are involved in criminal activities, according to the police.

The prosecution, the Defense department, and the IRS conducted a joint operation Monday in Enschede, Maastricht, and Bergen op Zoom. Two Satudarah members were arrested, one of them in the German Altstätte. Police and the prosecution have been monitoring the biker gang for some time. The suspected are suspected of money laundering, extortion, weapons possession, and exploitation of cannabis plantations.

Three Satudarah members were sentenced last week by the court in The Hague, in relation to the murder of The Hague resident, Rini Setten. He was shot in the head in February in Scheveningen. Setten's corpse, aka Haagse Rinus, was
dumped on a bank of the river Lek. The court imposed sentences up to ten years in prison.