Shoplifter threatened guard with "AIDS" syringe

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A 40-year-old Gerogian who was busted for shoplifting, Thursday evening, in Breda, threatened the security guard with a syringe with a needle. The suspect called out 'aids!' This took place in a department store on the Karrestraat.The security guard witnessed the man stealing a bottle of perfume. He addressed the Georgian, who in turn threatened him with the syringe and needle in a clear plastic bag.

Armin Kübelbeck
wikimedia commons

With the help of a colleague the guard managed to apprehend the thief. In doing so three bottles of perfume fell out of the Georgian's coat pocket. A fourth bottle was discovered when he passed the alarm gate as the police were taking him in.

The Georgian had hidden stolen perfume in his coat with a total value of 373 euros. He is in jail.