Planes collide at Schiphol

Authorities are investigating a collision between two planes at Schiphol airport this morning. The accident happened when a U.S. Airways Boeing 757 pulling into a gate clipped the wing of a stationary KLM airplane.

Nobody was injured in the incident. Early reports suggest the U.S. Airways pilot followed an incorrect line when approaching the gate in Amsterdam, possibly following a path to gate D51A instead of D51B.

Damage can be seen on two planes after a U.S. Airways 757 clipped the wing of a KLM 737 at Schiphol (Eric Verhagen/Twitter)

There were 158 passengers onboard the KLM aircraft, flight 1601, at the time of the accident. The plane is believed to be a Boeing 737, which was scheduled to depart for Rome, Italy, at 9:50am.

U.S. Airways flight 798 from Philadelphia was scheduled to land in Amsterdam at 9:34am, but it actually completed its journey at 9:52am.

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate in the Netherlands is in charge of the investigation.

The KLM flight took off over three hours late, finally leaving Amsterdam at 1:29pm.