Gordon in trouble again

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RTL Netherlands regrets that Gordon gave out Connie Breukhoven's phone number, Wednesday evening in a live broadcast on RTL 4. RTL will discuss the matter with Gordon. Only recently, in another RTL program, Gordon came under fire, after making racist remarks to a contestant'It is of utmost importance to us to uphold the principles of our programs at all times,' said a spokesperson for RTL Netherlands. 'Despite the success of the fundraising gala, we regret this incident. We will discuss this internally and resolve it with all parties involved.'

Singer Gordon embroiled in controversy for his comments seen in this still image from "Holland's Got Talent"

Gordon gave out the telephone number during the benefit show "Geer en Goor Gaan Nog Effe Door," while they were fundraising for the Elderly Fund. 'Do you really want to help a lonely elderly? Call 06 - (...) But beware, this message may be recorded,' announced Gordon on live TV. The singer will not leave it at that and got a lawyer.

Her phone can no longer be used, now that Gordon announced the number on TV. She can't reach her children, her bank, or the Alarm Central, according to Breukhoven to Humberto Tan in RTL Late Night. 'I had already told Gordon before the broadcast that I would have a lawyer watch the broadcast in the event he would say weird things about me, because this is hate speech and it goes much too far,' said Connie. She went on to say 'Gordon told me the most horrible things. I am a hard working woman, and will not be scolded like that. The whole world may know how he rages.'

After Breukhoven canceled her performance for the charity, she got involved in a feud with Gordon, who scolded her on the phone. Breukhoven recorded the conversation and it ended up on the internet.

One of the parties RTL will talk to is producer Talpa. 'I can say we watched the broadcast with slight surprise,' said the spokesperson for Talpa to Weekend, confirming that Gordon caused John de Mol's Talpa crew to watch the show in astonishment.

Gerard Joling and Gordon managed to collect 67,979 outings for lonely elderly people with their benefit evening for the Elderly Fund. The singers both performed, and Willeke Alberti, Marco Borsato, and Patricia Paay also climbed the stage. The outings for the elderly have a total value of about 340,000 euros, according to a spokesperson for the program. In addition to the funds they also managed to recruit another 6,421 volunteers. The men of "Effe Geen Cent Te Makken" were very satisfied with the outcome of the charity, which previously caused the necessary goings on.

The benefit evening followed the successful television series. A lot of people watched the weekly program of the two singers. For this, the two lived together in Amsterdam North for a month, and they had to survive on a state pension income. All this to attract attention to the National Elderly Fund.