Dijksma: plucking angora rabbits unacceptable

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State Secetary Sharon Dijksma (Economic Affairs), labeled the practice of plucking Angora rabbits without anesthesia, recently seen on TV, unacceptable practices.Dijksma said Monday in a debate in the House she was taken aback by the shocking images and turned off the TV. The images were obtained from animal rights organization PETA, and showed how living Angora rabbits were brutally stripped of their fur by a producer in China.

Angora Rabbit English
Betty Chu
Wikimedia commons

MPs too, were shocked by the images of screaming rabbits. Jaco Geurts ( CDA ) stated the CDA is for the use of wool and furs, but not this way. Henk van Gerven ( SP ) wants Dutch consumers  to be able to be guaranteed the products they buy are not made with fur for which the animals are skinned alive or plucked. Marianne Thieme ( Party for the Animals ) wants consumers to know where their goods come from and calls for a labeling requirement. As far as Thieme is concerned the import of Angora wool should be prohibited.

Dijksma wants to talk to organizations and the clothing industry. She will tour Europe, together with Lilianne Ploumen, but points out other countries will not be particularly keen on discussions on animal welfare. Consumer initiatives will render much faster results, according to Dijksma. H & M , WE Fashion, and C & A have already indicated they will not sell any apparel with Angora for now.