Brabant baby swap resolved after sixty years

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Two men who were swapped  as babies just after their birth, found their biological family after sixty years, writes BN De Stem Tuesday.The babies were switched in 1953 in the maternity ward at the former St. Ignatius Hospital in Breda. One of the men alarmed the editor of the Brabant newspaper.

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The Courier-Mail ,the Couier Mail, Saturday, 2 March 1940 p.3

He had a DNA test done with two of his sisters, who appeared not to be related.  The man also recalls his 'mother' saying she might have been handed the wrong baby.

After the story appeared in BN De Stem, the brother of a man who was also born in February 1953 in the same hospital, responded. A DNA test revealed that the men were indeed swapped at a young age.