2500 cannabis plants found in Groningen nursery

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Police found 2300 cannabis plants, in full bloom, in four compartments, constructed of wood and plastic sheeting.The plants were in a shed at the Rouaanstraat in Groningen, and were the first upcoming harvest, according to a detective from the Hemp Team North Netherlands.

The electricity for the massive plantation was illegally tapped from the net. Fitters from Enexis disconnected the wiring.

Impression of a cannabis plantation. (Cannabis Training University/ Wikimedia)

Based on a computational model the police calculated the harvest would be worth around 210,000 euros. The construction of the nursery cost an estimated 50,000 euros. With a bit of professionalism, it is possible to harvest the tops of the plants with nine weeks.

In the office, on the street-side of the warehouse, there's an employment agency. It is the second time for the police to dismantle a large nursery in the same warehouse. The police are still in the dark about who is responsible for the constructions of the plantation. The officers acted on complaints about odor.