Tasteless yellow star party called off

Star of David
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Police in Groningen took quick action when they were alarmed that students were planning a party with what seemed like a NAZI theme, complete with the characteristic yellow star that would be pinned on partygoers as they walked in. On the star, there were to be three letters, NSB.

Orion Roos of the party supply store was startled when he received the order for 40 stars. “My order is a bit unconventional,” the client, 20-year-old student Soraya had said. Roos, called his Jewish father, who alarmed police. The officer in charge of student matters got in touch with the students and the party that was supposed to take place on November 16 was called off.

The story was appeared today in the New Israelite Weekly. The paper reports that the students thought the pin-up stars would be a nice gimmick. NSB, they explained was not a reference to the fascist political party “Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging” (National Socialist Movement), but an abbreviation for “Nog Sneller Bezopen” (drunk even faster).

It was considered a tasteless joke, because the star the students wanted was reminiscent of the yellow badge Jews were ordered to sew on their outer garments to mark them as Jews in public during WWII, the so-called Jewish badge or Judenstern in German.

Student Soraya was ashamed. “Sometimes you do stupid stuff.” Police said the students now realize the joke was not that funny. “They were pretty ashamed.”