Death father Reuver 1.5 hours later

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The father who killed his 3-year-old daughter last week in Reuver, committed suicide an hour and a half later, determined the forensic doctor, based on the difference in body temperature.

The 44-year-old man shot his ex-partner in her leg Thursday morning and held his daughter hostage for hours in the home of his former in-laws. Around 12.30 police negotiators established contact with the man for the last time. At that time it seemed the father wanted to talk and considered surrendering.

A period of two hours followed in which there was no contact. Officers stormed the house and  found the father and his daughter dead on a bed.

It was determined that the two loud sounds that were heard in those two hours, were definitely not shots fired, reported the Public Prosecution. Possibly it was the sound of furniture being pushed to barricade the door.

Shortly after the incident it was already clear the family had been in the scope of emergency services. The Public Prosecutor now writes the man had threatened to hurt his ex-mother in law is she wouldn't tell him where her daughter stayed. He also threatened the ex-girlfriend.

Voluntary visitation was arranged for the father and his daughter, after which the aggression subsided, according to the prosecution.