€400k found inside women smugglers

500 euro notes
(Photo: Wikimedia/Frank Schwichtenberg). ((Photo: Wikimedia/Frank Schwichtenberg))

“It kept coming out of them …” a spokesperson for the Marechaussee said Thursday in a report about two women from Ecuador who had been held at Schiphol Airport with an impressive sum of money heaped within and upon their bodies.

The two women, aged 38 and 39, were in transit to Spain last weekend when Customs officers found the first €8,000 hidden in their luggage, according to newswire ANP. But it’s when they were strip-searched that the impressive extent of their smuggling skills was revealed.

Officers discovered that the women had inserted dozens of rolls of cash into their body cavities. Together, they produced multiple rolls of 500-euro bills totaling about €400,000. The Marechaussee said it took several days for everything to be removed.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is the Dutch military’s police force. The Service has been responsible for policing the Dutch airports since the mid-1990s.