Group assails office in Venlo

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A group of about 25 people stormed the office of housing association Woonwenz in Venlo on Tuesday afternoon.

The group forced the gate and assaulted three security guards. In the brawl a police officer was also injured . Three people were arrested, reported police.

The three assaulted guards suffered injuries to arm and face. One suffered a broken tooth and a broken nose. Another was hit in his neck with a tube. A police officer sustained a head injury.

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Police, the city, and the housing association were involved in an eviction Tuesday, on a caravan site in Venlo Noord. The court had ruled an illegal camper had to be removed. The police was present during the operation, which was uneventful and without obstruction.

Because Woonwenz manages the sites and the rents, the police suspect the group holds the housing association accountable. The case is under investigation. More arrest may follow, according to the police.