Amsterdam School opens healthy canteen

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No energy drinks, no fried snacks and no chips . The health rules Comenius Lyceum previously imposed on its canteen, cost the caterer to go broke last year. The competition from two Turkish bakeries and a nearby Albert Heijn were more than it could manage.

Conrector Henk Ootes felt he had to put an end to the candy route and drastically changed course. The vending machines were removed.  One of the Turkish bakers volunteered to exploit the canteen. With the help of a nutritionist from the GGD a list of healthy food and drinks was composed. Since autumn there are fresh soups, brown bread with toppings, and salads on the menu.

Sakurai Midori
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Both the students and the teachers are satisfied, and there are much fewer trips to the store, according to Ootes.

The Comenius Lyceum is the first Amsterdam high school that serves a hundred percent healthy menu. Councilor Maarten Poorter ( PvdA ) opened the healthy canteen festively Wednesday morning .