Photos Show Human Side of Breast Cancer

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Women afflicted with breast cancer have the resolve within themselves to face their fears, maintain their femininity and ultimately fight the disease with strength and dignity. That is the message Dutch documentary producer Koen Suidgeest wants to share with the world through his upcoming photography project featuring 30 women affected by breast cancer.

"Costuras a flor de piel," roughly translated from Spanish as "Sewn on Bare Skin," features women in various states of undress, all of whom have battled breast cancer. The emotional project is in . By successfully reaching just under €10,000 in contributions, the filmmaker plans to create a free to the public, traveling exhibition expected to have dates in Barcelona, Madrid and the Netherlands.

One woman who battled breast cancer, from the upcoming exhibit, "Costuras a flor de piel" (photo: Koen Suidgeest)

Once reaching their goal, the door is open to present the exhibit in more cities for longer durations. Barcelona is likely to be the first tour stop, with dates tentatively set for March 2014.

"What's the worst that can happen? The worst is that I die. So, if I die… Did I do things I liked in this life? Yes. I loved a lot. I have been loved a lot," said breast cancer survivor Paz Corrales in the . The emotional film clip campaign includes interviews with several of the artist's subjects.

"It was a little like… it's not the end of the world. The worst is that the people who love me will be sad," Corrales continued.

Suidgeest, whose mother passed away from another form of cancer, undertook the project because, "I really don't like art for art's sake. There really has to be a social purpose to it." he said.

Suidgeest recently relocated from Madrid, Spain, to Leiden, The Netherlands. The project began three years ago while he was still living in Spain. Photographs will be presented of Spanish and Dutch women.

Dutch documentary filmmaker and photographer Koen Suidgeest

"It's amazing what happens to patients psychologically because of the disease," he said about the positive outlook and clarity many of these women have. "That's something that's really at the heart of the project."

The overall theme of the project is discussed by many of the women in the video. "We could all go through this, but you can overcome it as well. That's what I think the message should be," Corrales said.

The "Costuras a flor de piel" crowdfunding effort is slated to end at about 7am CET on Tuesday.