Bontes Not Kicked Out anonymously

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Bontes told the Volkskrant that he has not been voted out of the PVV group in the house anonymously. One of the PVV MPs abstained from voting. 

Geert Wilders told the press on Tuesday morning, right after the voting, that the decision was an anonymous decision. Bontes describes the situation: “After Wilders had spoken, all MPs were given some time to speak. Then the voting took place, although one of the MPs asked for a written voting. That person abstained from the oral voting. However, the 13 voters against me were for me enough proof that I was no longer welcome.”

Bontes didn’t want to reveal who the PVV MP was who didn’t vote against him.

In an official reaction the PVV let know that after Bontes had left the room, there was a written voting and that was anonymous on the fact that Bontes was no longer welcome as a PVV MP.

Bontes also expressed that he was not surprised by the attack of Geert Wilders, that Bontes was a coward by choosing to fight in the press and that he was back stabbing Wilders. “Geert does that always when somebody leaves the PVV group. He should better ask himself why this is always happening to him. If he goes on like this he will soon have nobody left.”


Harm Beertema is the successor of Bontes as the treasurer.

Louis Bontes stopped as treasurer because he couldn’t accept the financial transactions going on in which he was not heard but for which he was, as a treasurer, responsible.

Beertema, his successor, does not agree with the allegations of Bontes. According to Beertema there is always and about everything room for criticism within the PVV.