Virus shows child pornography on pc

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Hundreds of people fell victim to criminals who managed to infect their computer with a virus, showing shocking and violent images of child pornography, according to the police.The virus blocks the computer and leads the victim to believe it's done by the police.

A warning page states the police discovered child pornography on the PC and the user has to pay a fine. The message promises the PC will be released, only after payment. The police warns to refrain from making any payment, and the PC remains blocked any way.

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The criminals manipulate the feelings of shame the computer users experience after being confronted with shocking pictures. The victims are instructed to buy an anonymous payment code, available at many stores as a voucher. The police stress they would never use a block page or order people to buy anything.

The police are investigating the case, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Several gangs have been arrested in the matter already, according to the police.


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