Foodwatch Raises Concerns Over School Breakfast Program

Food watchdog Foodwatch said that the National School Breakfast is advertising, marketing and promotion of children's unhealthy eating, reports ANP.

The National School Breakfast will be held next week in many schools. The contents of the breakfast packages for schools are made by food companies sponsoring the breakfast.

The organization called the government to step in to ensure children are getting healthy food.

School Breakfast / Wikipedia

"Children get unhealthy products such as whole margarine, sprinkles, salty cream cheese and orange juice pack dished out," according to a spokeswoman for food watch.

"If the goal really is to emphasize the importance of a healthy breakfast, then why are not offered fruits and vegetables?"

The National School Breakfast is organized by the Information Office Bread.

In response to food watch’s concerns, the organizers said fruit and vegetables are not included in the package due to logistics costs and technical problems.