Dutch Men Sentenced For Preparing To Fight in Syria

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The court in Rotterdam has sentenced two men for planning to go to Syria to join the armed struggle.

The court ordered to send one man to jail for one year and a second man to psychiatric hospital for one year for planning to prepare a trip to Syria to take part in civil war. The court determined that going Syria to take part in jihad or holy war is illegal, according to a news report by Nos television.

Syria Army Man / Flickr

The 22-year-old has been jailed for one year, four months probation, and 24-year-old G. Muhammad sent to a psychiatric hospital for one year.

Preparations for a jihad, like buying a plane ticket and raising money for the trip to Syria, are seen by the court as preparation of complicity in murder. The ruling is important for the prosecution, because until now there had been no jurisprudence on the issue.