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The foundation Victims Cosmetic Physicians is pleased with the decision of Minister Schippers to make the rules for purely aesthetic cosmetic procedures stricter. It is too easy to undergo a procedure to look more beautiful, according to the Minister.The foundation is particularly pleased that all wrinkle fillers will fall under the Medicines Act.  Schippers' plan for better information is received with open arms. People should be clearly informed in advance that the fillers have not been scientifically researched and that everyone actually is a guinea pig, states Sylvia Veerman of the foundation.

Alexander Rivkin

The fillers are liquid implants which are injected under the skin. Treatment should only be carried out by experts and not, by example, by estheticians, according to Veerman.

On a regular basis fillers are injected in places of the body they should not be and in too large quantities, according to the foundation.

The organization of beauticians, ANBOS, agrees with Schippers there must be put a stop to excesses in the industry. The spokesperson states members do not give treatments with wrinkle fillers, because it is prohibited by law.  The salons that perform cosmetic treatments are not members of the ANBOS.

The Minister will also regulate by law that young people can not get a cosmetic treatment if they are under 18 without a doctor's referral. They can not adequately assess the effects of such a treatment, according to Schippers.